Allan Linder was born in California in 1966. He is the great grandson of Italian, immigrants that share a unique family history of four generations of artists’. A versatile artist from early childhood, Linder instinctively knew how to draw filling endless sketchbooks with his imagination. Linder is exhibiting in New York City where he resides, and has exhibited internationally in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Hamburg, Germany; Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain. His work is held in private collections in the US from New York City, to Los Angeles, California. He has international collectors in Canada, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Japan and the Netherlands. He continues to work with a fever of enthusiasm and unceasing passion, challenging the viewer’s intellect with images of New York City and his imagination.

In the 1980’s Linder was immersed in the art scene, and the growing rave scene in Los Angeles. He spent much of his time hanging out with local emerging and established artists, celebrities, writers, and poets during art receptions and parties, exchanging ideas and techniques as they developed their social and artistic skills which led him create some very interesting works. In addition to painting and sculpting, Linder enjoyed spinning records at some of the hottest nightclubs and parties, exploring music and the club culture. Although his roots are in Realism, Linder experimented with a variety of painting styles and artistic movements, Neo-expressionism, Pop art, Art deco style and Abstraction. His inspiration was the New York artists; Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Robert Rauschenberg, and the Los Angeles artists; Patrick Nagel, Lari Pittman, and Kenny Scharf, in addition to many others.


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