December ~ AMERICA, A series of 13 paintings dedicated to the memory of the victims of September 11th 2001. Sold out

September ~ September 11th 2001, "A sad day for all of humanity."

August ~ Talking to trees, "The idea occured to me while walking through central park. I thought, what if the trees could speak. Can you imagine what they may have seen." ~ Linder There are 6 abstract paintings in this series. Sold out

July ~ Things not in common, A collection of 4 abstract paintings that bend the limits of connection. Sold out

June ~ Primitive, A series of 6 abstract paintings created without brushes or tools, but with hands and paint.

May ~ Icons, 31 expressionism paintings about life. Sold out

February ~ Sleep less, dream more, 6 minature paintings that explore the subconcious. Sold out

January ~ Chemistry of Passion, 4 abstract paintings for the passionate mind. Sold out

Transitions, 6 large paintings that transport the viewer into a distinctly different and more timeless realm.

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