December ~ Group Exhibit, "Artists Choice" The Artists' Gallery, Chelsea, New York

November ~ Group Exhibit, "Key hole of time" Galerie X, Hamburg, Germany

October ~ The Mind, 20 paintings dating back to 1989 objectifying the subconscious.

Solo Exhibit, "Moods" Rain Lounge, Williamsburg-Brooklyn, New York

September ~ Group Exhibit, "9/11 Artists Response" Fulton Street Gallery, Troy, New York

August ~ Group Exhibit, "Seasons" Gallery Mali Villas Boas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

July ~ Oddities, five black and white abstract paintings exploring the science of life. Sold Out

June ~ Blue Print of Life, 5 new paintings in a series that represent a cartography of the soul. Images that explore the boundries of the inner landscape in a city that is now emerging from disaster.

May ~ Secret Journey, While exploring the unconscious sea of mind, then burrowing into a strange mountain of ideas I found something. ~Linder

April ~ Greenhouse, is a collection of 5 abstract paintings about mother earth. Sold Out

March ~ Ethereality Collection, Was exhibited in a group show titled "REBIRTH." This collection is a diverse group of 14 new abstract works of art. The paintings explore lifes intangibles, inspiring imagination and unleashing the power of abstraction. Reception Sat. March 2, 3-6 pm. Sold Out

February ~ Fission, with the current threat of nuclear weapons in the headlines again, this abstract series harnesses nuclear power. Sold Out

The Unity Canvas, A group of leading artists from New York organized a wide-ranging art project to respond to the World Trade Center Disaster.

Botanicals, an abstract expressionist view of the microcosm in the botanical world. There are 12 new paintings in this three room exhibit. Sold Out

January ~ Eyes Made Clear, is a mini-series of abstract euphoric images of human and machine. Sold Out

Award, "Peoples Choice" ABC, Sydney, Australia

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