This exhibit was curated to deal with a combination of words and images related to social commentary and current events. Linder decided to exhibit his Berlin Wall series along with some of the original sketches for the paintings. (shown below)

This series was again well recieved and allowed linder the opportunity to exhibit in several additional galleries this year.

Die Wand

1990, Mixed Media on Paper.

8 x 10


1990, Mixed Media on paper.

8 x 10

The Grass is always greener

1991, Acrylic on canvas.

24 x 36

private collection

In 1989, East Germans fled west, and antigovernment demonstrations spread throughout the country. Honecker successors opened the West German border, leading to the reunification of Germany.

In 1991, the Gulf War begins as the United States and its allies begin bombing Iraq and Kuwait. This year Linder exhibited in several different shows, most with political overtones and views of current events.

This is a photo taken at the Berlin Wall after the fall. There many were merchants selling guard uniforms and pieces of the wall in this area.

This is an old photo of the Berlin Wall being erected in 1961.

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