Here you can see the artist enjoying the wonderful California sun surrounded by his artwork.

In 1997 the Chamber of Commerce and Noho Arts festival committee commissioned the artist to design a poster for the City of Los Angeles. This is an annual event for the arts. While designing the poster Allan Linder was offered the opportunity to display, and demonstrate for the event. It was so successful that the artist donated a piece of artwork to a charitable organization and exhibited in several additional shows later this year. The original Noho Arts Festival poster will be displayed in the drawing room in the near future.


1997, Acrylic on masonite

20 x 30

private collection

Thought space

1992, Acrylic on canvas

32 x 24

private collection

Earth circle

1997, Acrylic on canvas

18 x 24

Crane song

1995, Acrylic on canvas

11 x 14

private collection

These are just a few of the many paintings that were exhibited at the Noho Arts Festival that year. The painting titled the "Grass is greener on the other side" was painted for the Berlin Wall series, and exhibited at the Installations one gallery previously.

This piece caught the eye of a board member of the Battered Woman's Organization, and after discussions with the artist he donated the piece to be auctioned. The funds went toward awareness for their cause. "Earth circle" started off as a demonstration piece and was finally finished later that year.

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