Footprint of man

Star seeds fall from the heavens to populate the earth with mother nature's gift. Years pass and when the time is perfect, the virgin earth opens up her mouth and reveals life. The living waters birth new plants and corn fields which flourish, until man leaves his footprint.

~ Linder

This painting is number 9 of a series of 31 paintings titled "Icons", which deals with popular abstract images and concepts, presented in a neobohemian style. This artist is once again evolving his style, and following his own path.

There are many small details in this painting starting in the upper left corner of the canvas. The blue sky extends into space revealing stars. The stars find their way inside of a transparent bottle, which drip down into a body of water. The water flows down a mountain of lips into a human foot at the bottom, leaving a foot print.

Their are translucent dinosaur bones that are found in the upper left that speak of extinction, or a beginning and an end? In the lower right, the ghostly images of a dove transforming into a nude woman cradling what appears to be a dying corn stalk. There are too many interpretations for this painting to mention. The images of faces and people seamlessly blended into this piece speak of the artists passion for his craft.

2001, Acrylic on hand stretched canvas 5 x 7

Private collection

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