Heaven and Hell

The flames lick the souls of the earth, searching for eternal weakness. The heat, temptation, lust, and greed feed the fires unquenchable thirst. The battle rages on internally until one side wins, but only for tonight.

~ Linder

This painting is number 10 of a series of 31 paintings titled Icons, which deals with popular images in an abstract style.

Strong metaphors, and small bursts of detail make this a very interesting painting. There are tiny floating angels painted in the upper left corner drifting in on luminous clouds. It appears that the angels are almost attempting to extinguish the fire in this painting with energy. Their opposing forces are flying up from the depths in a roar of color and emotion. The real friction lies in the center, with the extremes pushing in from both sides.

2001, Acrylic on hand stretched canvas 5 x 7

Private collection

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