Welcome to New Paintings, here you will find Linders latest work. Please use your browser back button to return to the previous page.
Summer in the City a collection of 15 paintings of New York City in the summer.
Transitions is a series of 60 canvases painted over a ten year span, arranged in a visual diary of the artists life.
Crossing the Bridge is an exhibition of 10 new paintings that are studies of this industrial city we call New York. Sold out
Lost in the City is a series of 22 paintings and counting. I found myself lost in the city, feeling the energy.
Oddities, is a series of five black and white abstract paintings about the science of life.
The BluePrint of life, this is an ongoing series of paintings that are a cartography of the soul. The visual story is from the mind of the artist.
Greenhouse, is a collection of 5 abstract paintings about mother earth. Sold out
Ethereality, was exhibited in a group show titled "REBIRTH." This collection is a diverse group of 14 new abstract works of art. The paintings explore lifes intangibles, inspiring imagination and unleashing the power of abstraction. Reception Sat. March 2, 3-6 pm. Sold out

Fission, with the current threat of nuclear weapons in the headlines again, this abstract series harnesses nuclear power. Sold out

Botanicals, an abstract expressionist view of the microcosm in the botanical world. There are 12 new paintings in this three room exhibit. Sold out

Eyes Made Clear, is a mini-series of abstract euphoric images of human and machine. Sold out

America, A series of 13 paintings created to help. 7 of these paintings have been auctioned to charity to benefit the families of the victims of the September 11th disaster.
Talking to trees, A series of six abstract paintings. Sold out
ICONS, A series of 31 abstract paintings. Sold out
Things not in common? A series of 4 abstract paintings. Sold out
Chemistry of Passion, A series of 4 abstract paintings. Sold out
Sleep less dream more, A series of six abstract paintings. Sold out
Transitions, A series of six large abstract paintings.