"Transitions" by Allan Linder is an immense painting composed of sixty canvases. This significant work of art is more than ten years in the making, its dimensions are twenty feet by seven feet. Linder has exhibited portions of this work over the last five years, but this is the first time the painting has been shown in it's completion. An overwhelming spectacle to the eye, Transitions reads like a visual diary of the artists life.

The rich color and texture of Transitions combined with the diverse subject matter engulf the viewer in a sea of emotion. With such a large time span leading up to it's completion, one can see many major influences of pop culture, iconic symbolism, religion and life experiences. This painting is skillfully executed using many styles, which shows Linders diversity and commitment as an artist.

The saying "Shut up and Paint" was derived by all three artists. While occasionally painting together, one artist undoubtedly gets long winded while the others are focused on their work. This exhibition features work by Allan, Olan and Boom. This particular show drew out many of the elite New York nightclub scene to join in the festivities. Aurora Gallery in Chelsea was the perfect venue for this major exhibiton.

Well known Jazz trio, mixing it up with some latin beats.

Linder, standing before his labor of love.

Live Jazz, and a dance performance of Latin salsa entertained the audience on this special exhibition night.

Patrick McDonald is known as “Dandy” to the fashionista crowd next to another pretty face at the opening reception of "Shut up and Paint."
The artist Olan, in front of his paintings with 80s top 40 musician Johnny Kemp enjoying the live DJ's from Sifted Records during the exhibition.

The exhibit was well recieved and covered by numerous media photographers. The New York art scene welcomed the unusual nature of this show.

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