Welcome to the Allan Linder sketch book.

His sketch book contains a chronological inventory of more than 100 drawings from 1979 to present. This section will be updated frequently.

Click on the numbers to the right of the year listed below, to see thumbnail images of the artwork. Each number represents a gallery of approximately 6 to 9 images.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images (if available) as well as title, size, and medium of each drawing. Use your browser back button to return to the sketch book.

2005: 1
2004 - 2001: 1 2
2000 - 1995: 1 2
1994 - 1990: 1 2
1989 - 1985: 1
1984 - 1979: 1 2

Although Allan's drawing style is inspired by many artists, he has developed his own neo-bohemian style over the years. He draws inspiration from artists such as Gustave Doré, for his dramatic use of contrast, Salvador Dali for his endless imagination, Norman Rockwell for his depiction of candid settings, and Leonardo DaVinci for his determined mastery of the human anatomy.

Allan's vivid imagination and thought exploration are seen in his recent drawings. You will find that after looking at one of his surrealism drawings you will return time and again, and each time you will find something new to see.

Many drawings are studies for paintings, don't be suprised if you happen to visit the gallery and discover a sketch turned into a painting.

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