"Things not in common?"

Separated only by numbers on a periodic table of elements are the everyday things that we take for granted. They are in our streets and on our feet, from mud to marble, a stick to a scapel, all of them come from the same place. As the molten metal cools, and the minerals combine in the earth to make other materials, we push the limits of science and our natural resources. Meanwhile a movie star somewhere stands in front of a camera made from these materials not thinking about these things. Are these things more important than the people who make them, or the planet that made the people?

~ Linder

This is an original collection of four paintings titled "Things not in common?" by Allan Linder. Each painting is created on hand stretched museum quality canvas, the dimensions of each piece are 5 x 7 inches, not framed, the sides are painted. This small series is signed and dated 2001 by the artist.

You may click on each painting to see a larger image above.

Sold to private collector

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