"Time is Money" A collection of original work by four young New York City based artists. Each artist created a collection of new works reflecting the overall power that time and money have on our lives. The work will be on display Saturday, April 22nd at 8c Charles Lane, the home of John Leo in Manhattan's Far West Village. A Group Show including the work of Shawn Bishop-Leo, Allan Linder, David Kesting and Lincoln Capla.

(PRWEB) April 22nd, 2006 -- "Time is Money" is a phrase we have all heard before, but this group of hot young artists has taken that phrase and created a magnificent collection of works reflecting the effects that money has on the time we spend.

Originally an English proverb, “Time is Money” holds true in this consumer based society/economy, we equate the time that we spend on any given project with a monetary value….You could follow it up with "Nothing in this world is free", or "money doesn’t grow on trees".

Featuring new work from Shawn Bishop-Leo, Allan Linder, David Kesting and Lincoln Capla.

Shawn Bishop–Leo creates her artwork from a humanistic perspective. Beginning with an inherently mutable canvas, she wraps her palate around a woman’s figure, thus grounding each artwork in the indelible human body. “My work focuses on the dynamics of this condition. Like fabric, we drape and shape ourselves to Life’s demands.” Bishop-Leo, rather than hiding from the complexity and dichotomy of life, embraces the countless dissimilarities, “So many times we find ourselves split between schedules and between identities: part sage and part student, part God/Goddess and part servant, part natural and part mask.” She welcomes the gleaned knowledge that identity is a fluid concept and not one that is able to withstand a lack of flexibility.

Allan Linder's unique body of work beckons thought and provokes conversation on many levels. He is a dedicated artist and his paintings embody his commitment. His life is the relentless pursuit of self perfection through creative expression. His honed skill can be seen in the countless tributes to the masters through his work.

David Kesting & Lincoln Capla are founders of the Panjectivist movement in New York City and co-founders of Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery in Williamsburg. Both are pure artists in that their work reflects only that which is read into it.

This exhibit was well recieved and completely sold out.

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