Fine Art is the only remaining ecstasy that is neither immoral nor illegal. Fine Art is about experimentation with materials, mediums, style dimensions, and subjects. Allan Linder's roots are firmly grown in fine art and his interests continue to grow with time. Click on one of the artists disciplines below to discover some of his creations.

Painting is a way of life for this artist, his strength is painting, and his passion is painting. In the 1980's Linder was immersed in the art scene, and the growing rave scene in Los Angeles. He spent much of his time hanging out with local emerging and established artists, celebrities, writers, and poets during art receptions and parties, exchanging ideas and techniques as they developed their social and artistic skills which led him create some very interesting works.

In addition to painting and sculpting, Linder enjoyed spinning records at some of the hottest nightclubs and parties, exploring music and the club culture. Although his roots are in Realism, Linder experimented with a variety of painting styles and artistic movements, Neo-expressionism, Pop art, Art deco style and Abstraction. His inspiration was the New York artists; Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Robert Rauschenberg, and the Los Angeles artists; Patrick Nagel, Lari Pittman, Kenny Scharf, and many others.

This Library contains a chronological inventory of more than 300 paintings from 1979 to present. This section will be updated frequently, so please come back soon. Click on the numbers to the right of the year to see thumbnail images of the artwork. Each number represents a gallery of approximately 9 images. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images (if available) as well as title, size, and medium of each painting. Use your browser back button to return to the artwork library.