Graphic Design is a necessary animal in this zoo of a world. Without it, there would be no digital content, billboards, tee shirts, coffee mugs, brochures, logos, advertising or basically, anything with style. All artists will tell you that at some point they have created some type of graphic design work for a friend or a family member.

It only makes sense, that an artist would continue the process. Here you will find some of Linder's graphic design work ranging from children's book illustrations, storyboards, conceptual art, print media and web design.

Illustration is a large category encompassing everything from conceptual art, environments, exteriors, interiors, character design, machines, logos, book covers, prototype design and more.

After 30 years, Allan Linder has amassed a large collection of illustration, from simple bar napkins to elaborate door-sized drawings. Just scanning all of the material on this website alone, has taken nearly a year.