Galeria Mali Villas-Bôas

R. Tabapua, 383, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Galeria Mali Villas-Bôas has been active in the art market for over twenty years, effectively promoting and disseminating the work of contemporary artists with an emphasis on launching new values.

In a privileged location (Rua Tabapuã - Itaim-Bibi), the new gallery closely follows the career of its artists, prioritizing exchanges with other cultural spaces, in a perspective that is not limited only to commercial, but that allows the autonomy of the process artistic. The gallery has an Ateliê Project in front of its space, which works twice a month, on Saturdays as an open-air atelier. Artists are invited to develop works and art projects, providing a greater approximation of the work process.

Representing artists from all over Brazil, the gallery, with an emphasis on new talent, promotes international exhibitions, the last one in January 2008 in New York.

The Gallery's director is the dealer. art historian and critic Mali Frota Villas-Bôas, is recognized for her coherence in revealing new talents, contributing to the appreciation of the artist's work.

The Paulista Art Organization / OPA is a space that encourages knowledge and culture by enriching knowledge in the areas of humanities, Art History and Visual Arts, in an environment with art galleries and gardens.

OPA offers free courses, and, study workshops in the areas of fine arts and art exhibitions promoting greater interaction between participants, fine artists, interested parties,, and teachers.

The courses, lasting from one to six months, present an accessible, clear and effective methodology, favoring dialogue and new knowledge.


Seasons was a group exhibition of ten New York artists in Brazil. Linder exhibited a very powerful series of sixteen miniature canvases, inspired by the seasons of life. These paintings have never been exhibited before and were well received at the opening. 

The Galleria Mali Villa Boas is an amazing Brazilian villa in the heart of São Paulo. This beautiful gallery usually displays traditional Brazilian art. The courtyard is rife with flowers and fauna which entices the art lover to embrace the culture and the heritage of Brazil.

Seasons, sixteen visionary artworks by Allan Linder exhibited in Beautiful São Paulo, Brazil. The paintings are a reflection of the changing times in New York City.

Learn more about this original artwork here.