Allan Linder 20th Century and Beyond Coffee Table Art Book

What does it take to become a truly great artist? Is it raw talent, unrelenting determination, or the ability to overcome life's obstacles? These are questions that have puzzled art critics for centuries, and Allan Linder's journey as a notable American artist offers some insight.

Linder is a fourth-generation artist whose work spans painting on canvas, sculpture in various mediums, and drawing on paper and digital platforms. From abstract concepts to realistic depictions of New York City in all seasons, his work is exhibited and collected around the world.

In this book, you'll find over 150 full-color photographs of Linder's most important pieces, showcasing the range of his talent. From peaceful, quiet moments to bustling street scenes in the heart of Time Square, Linder's work is sure to spark conversations and enhance any art history collection. Follow along as he documents three decades of honing his craft and overcoming life's challenges to become a truly great artist.

Linder's life work “20th Century and Beyond”, documents the artist's journey as a painter and traveler up to the year 2007 when the original book was published. The book sold out. 

In 2022 the book has been re-released and is now back in print and available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.