Sketchbook Character Design for Storyboards

Before any storyboards are started, I do a series of sketches to sort out the look and feel of the project, sometimes taken from my daily sketchbook for reference. The style of work is always determined by the client. Whether it is realistic, loose, black and white, colored or comical. I can create almost any style of work. 

These are all for preliminary reference before I get down to the storyboard layout for a project.

I have worked on feature films, TV shows, commercials and animation projects. Feel free to contact me for work for hire.





These storyboards are for a short film titled Quantum Enigma. This is a sci-fi film and comic book project. The boards are very loose and rough which is what this script called for. I have done everything from full color boards to rough pencil sketches. It always depends on the client. Scroll down for more...

Now for something a little more familiar. These are a series of animation storyboards I have done over many years. I continue to do a lot of storyboards for various productions and TV commercials.

I have done animation and live action storyboards for many years. Below are some examples of different storyboard styles that I have used for a range of projects. Near the bottom I have included some character design and random sketches from various projects. For more info contact me at

Family Guy, Film Roman

The Incredible Hulk: Animated Series, Marvel Films. 

This TV show was a crossover with the Fantastic Four on the Marvel Action Hour

Fantastic Four: The Animated Series, Marvel Films 

Rugrats, Klasky Csupo: Animated Series

Silver Lining: Live Action Film

True Vinyl: Live Action Film

Character Design

I have worked for a number of animation studios, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Men in Black, Godzilla, and more. Animation is quite different then live action film or TV. I didn't design any of these characters from scratch, I had to adapt my drawing style to their model sheets and then draw them as they were. Below you'll see some of my practice runs at these characters. Teams of people made these characters what they were. They were refined and edited down to their most basic, repeatable designs and lines. 

Each drawing of and existing character is a challenge. I have to adapt what I know to suit the director's needs and make the character look like it is meant to. The above and below illustrations are older drawings of getting familiar with each of the characters nuances.