Is one of the RITUALS Collection currently on exhibition at the Seattle NFT Museum.

Pencil on archival paper, digital paint, and animation. Limited Edition of only 25.

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"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding." ~ The Kybalion, 

The secret doctrines of old-world, teachings come to life in this fantastical series of digital art and animation. For thousands of years, the mental nature of the universe has been a mystery. Now we may peer behind the curtain to see what is there.

With light comes dark, always equal and opposite but on the same sliding scale. If the pendulum swings right, it must also swing left. Only very few find balance in the middle.

Each piece features an original music score for every unique, thirty-second animation. The unlockable content is a high-resolution version of each piece.

Original drawing for Magic Garden

Firstly, "Magic Garden" encapsulates the essence of Asian cultural heritage, seamlessly blending traditional themes with digital artistry. The depiction of an ancient pagoda within a vibrant and lush garden setting reflects not only the architectural and natural beauty prevalent in Asian cultures but also the spiritual and historical significance associated with pagodas. This integration of cultural elements resonates deeply with the exhibition's focus on showcasing the rich tapestry of Asian narratives.

Moreover, Linder's animated artwork adds a unique and contemporary dimension to the exhibition by adopting the NFT medium. The use of NFTs in presenting "Magic Garden" not only aligns with the exhibition's exploration of the digital age but also symbolizes the evolution of Asian cultural storytelling with new technology. By featuring an NFT, the artwork becomes a modern-day vessel for conveying age-old stories, demonstrating the adaptability and timelessness of Asian cultural expressions.

Furthermore, the inclusion of "Magic Garden" contributes to the diversity of perspectives within the exhibition. While rooted in Asian cultural motifs, the animated artwork's universal themes of beauty, nature, and spirituality transcend geographical boundaries. This universality aligns with the broader narrative of the exhibition, emphasizing how Asian animation serves as a powerful medium for cultural expression that resonates globally.

In essence, Allan Linder's "Magic Garden" brings a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation to the "Asian Cultural Animation in the Digital Age" exhibition. Its aesthetic allure and profound cultural undertones make it a fitting addition, showcasing the continued relevance and transformative potential of Asian cultural narratives in the ever-evolving landscape of digital artistry and NFTs.

This work is currently on display at the Seattle NFT Museum