Allan Linder 20th Century and Beyond Coffee Table Art Book

What makes an artist great? Struggle, determination, failure, or is it just raw talent. This question has been asked for centuries, and every art critic has a different answer. Follow the journey of notable American artist Allan Linder through three decades of artwork, as he honed his skill while overcoming life's obstacles.

Linder is a fourth-generation artist that works with paint on canvas, sculpture in many mediums, and drawing on paper and digital artwork. His work is exhibited and collected worldwide. Linder's work ranges from abstract concepts to his most recent paintings that depict realistic scenes of New York City in various seasons.

The subject matter ranges from moments of peaceful silence in a burgeoning and populated locale to busy street scenes in the heart of Time Square. With more than 150 full-color photographs of his most important work, this book complements any art history collection and is the topic of many conversations.

Linder's life work “20th Century and Beyond”, documents the artist's journey as a painter and traveler up to the year 2007 when the original book was published. The book sold out. 2022 the book has been re-released and is now back in print and available on Amazon.

Linder's work has been seen in the press in many publications over the years.


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