Collect Art Magazine Interviewed Allan Linder about his new work IN THE CITY.


Is a collection of paintings embracing city life. Linder lived in Los Angeles, California for two decades then he relocated across the country to New York City where he has lived for another two decades. During his time living in a large metropolis, he documented everyday life through sketches, paintings, sculptures, and digital artwork.

In the City is a celebration of the skyscraper skyline, public spaces, crowded streets, advertising hubs, and busy intersections that anyone can appreciate.

Each painting is created using a variety of techniques at the artist's disposal and hundreds of hours of work. These paintings are original hand-made illustrations, using digital painting, image synthesis, latent diffusion, image-to-image, prompt engineering, 3d rendering, and vector fractal design, creating a dynamic mixed media collage with hundreds of layers.

This collection will be on display at the UNREAL ART exhibition during the 2022 NDSM Open in Amsterdam from Oct. 1, 2022. 

Linder is sharing the page with many other international artists, bringing together different viewpoints and incredible creativity.

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Many of Linder's pieces are featured in the interview. Scroll down to see the work.

Below is the final image in the magazine titled Momentum.


12" x 12"


Digital painting, dynamic mixed media collage, giclĂ©e print on canvas

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