Linder and his cousin Jeremiah playing chess. (Utah, 1975)

Allan Linder is a multifaceted creative natural, known internationally as both an accomplished artist and a seasoned Marketing Manager. With over three decades of artistic accomplishment and a distinguished career in marketing, Allan seamlessly combines his passion for visual expression with his strategic acumen.

Allan's artistic journey began at Installations One art gallery in Los Angeles, CA during the 1980s. His early acclaim came with the "Freedom" series, which explored the fall of the Berlin Wall and garnered attention, including an article in the LA Times. In 2000, Allan relocated to New York City, where he furthered his artistic pursuits. Exhibiting at the Artists' Gallery in Chelsea, he found himself rubbing shoulders with esteemed artists like Robert Goodnough and establishing a firm foothold in the international art scene.

Allan's artistic oeuvre spans an impressive array of mediums and materials, including paintings, drawings, digital art, mixed media, and sculptures. Notably, his recent collection, "Cityscapes," exemplifies his innovative approach, merging traditional hand-painted artwork with digital techniques, resulting in captivating giclée prints adorned with acrylic layers that breathe life and depth into each piece.

Linder's artistic achievements extend beyond galleries and exhibitions, with his work finding a permanent place in esteemed institutions like the Elmira Museum of Art, NY, and The Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY. He's also exhibited his creations worldwide, leaving an indelible mark in Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

In tandem with his prolific artistic career, Allan has excelled as a Marketing Manager, consistently driving remarkable growth and brand success. During his tenure at Modiani Greenwich, he spearheaded a transformative journey that elevated brand partners' revenue from $1M to an astounding $5M. His innovative web marketing strategies and expansion of sales channels played pivotal roles in this remarkable achievement. Networking events and tradeshows led by Allan resulted in an impressive 41% surge in sales.

Harnessing the power of digital marketing, Allan tripled online engagements across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, culminating in an 83% surge in sales and heightened brand recognition. His role as an art director overseer for international and domestic brand campaigns contributed significantly to shaping these companies' visual identities and fostering unwavering brand loyalty.

His knack for providing invaluable market intelligence empowered international and regional teams with insights into competitor developments and new products, giving his organizations a competitive edge. His extensive network in industries like Real Estate, Architectural Design, and Interior Design opened doors to exciting new opportunities.

Allan's career journey showcases his ability to excel in diverse roles, from Business Development Manager at MCK+B, where he achieved a remarkable 61% market adoption growth in NYC and the tri-state area, to his role as Director of Business Development at Chelsea Design Studio, where he initiated a comprehensive marketing plan that expanded showrooms.

In essence, Allan Linder embodies the fusion of artistic creativity and strategic marketing prowess. His unwavering commitment to driving growth, fostering innovation, and building strategic partnerships defines his career. Allan looks forward to bringing his proven track record and passion for marketing to your esteemed organization, poised to contribute to your continued success.