"Art as Therapy" is a group exhibition that explores art as a healing medium for life altering events. The exhibition featured work by some of New York's most celebrated artists and several emerging artists of different origins. Painting's in all mediums and sculpture, presented diversity of form and imagination during this show.

Linder exhibited a large series of living tree paintings, inspired by the trees of Central, and Washington Square Parks in NYC and the people that surround them. The tree, a living breathing entity sometimes takes the shape of male or female proportions inviting the viewer to stand back and take it in. This artwork is combined with written words and imagery layered in the background and on top of these paintings.


48 x 72

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas on canvas.


Private collection

The tree that was once constrained is now awakening from a state of sleep. In these detail shots you can see New York City in the background, which the tree appears to be growing from.

There are numerous hidden images and words combined to create a story.

Hidden faces in branches and people walking through the jungle of the city.

The crowd of people inspired by the concept of Art as Therapy filtered into the gallery slowly, but it was packed by the end of the night.

During the exhibition, there were musical performances by Underground Gothic and  Sofia Run along with spoken word performances by the poet Ezra Feldman. 

The show included a special guest lecture by Dr. Howard Eisman on How to overcome creative block.