Surrealism Unbound

The Artists' Gallery proudly presents Surrealism Unbound: a collection of surrealist works by burgeoning artists from around the world. The diversity of the artists has produced an eclectic array of pieces that excite repressed fantasies and examine unconscious thoughts.

The exhibition focuses on artworks reflecting surreal, symbolic and fantastic images and their celebration of love, sensuality, hidden desire, fears, and the subconscious as a source of creativity.

The drawings in the exhibit range from bizarrely juxtaposed, dreamlike images by Allan Linder, reminiscent of Dali, to the chaotic, amorphous subjects in the paintings of Antanas Adomaitis. Alex Brodsky has traditional realistic works, inspired by the classical masters. Rassouli combines the philosophy of the East with artistic technology of the West to create his own style called, 'Fusian Art". These are examples of just a few of the over forty artists featured in Surrealism Unbound.

Curated by Bilianna Videnova