[i-ley-shuh-n] - Show IPA e-la-tion –noun:
A feeling or state of great joy or pride; exultant gladness; high spirits.

When a patron is sophisticated enough to order a bottle of Stoli Elite they have an expectation of experience. From a beautiful presentation to the undisputed flavor they deserve the best experience money can buy. The Branded Stoli Ice-Elation Chalice guarantees admiration of its sleek, elegant design fused with new technology. It is a Branded container that keeps the spirit at 29 degrees for the duration of its use.

How? The Branded vessel is lined with ICE-Elation, which is a patent pending mixology of natural environmentally safe ingredients that refuse heat and retain a perfect temperature for up to 4 hours (tested for 5). Any heat associated with the bottle while being poured is restored to 29 degrees as the bottle is returned to it home in the Stoli ICE-Elation Chalice. The Stoli ICE-Elation Chalice once chilled in a freezer will stay at that temperature for up to 5 hours with no ice!

I was fortunate enough to work on a design campaign for Stolichnaya Premium Vodka Company. I designed a patent pending prototype bottle chilling system and portable bar cart system for high-end restaurants, clubs and hotels. The campaign was well received, but we will have to wait and see if this ever makes it off the drawing board. Below are my designs for a tabletop model type ice bucket replacement and a portable bar cart for the pool, beach etc…

I included some cool stuff like a solar powered canopy that would recharge all of the electricity including the led bar top and ICE-ELATION refrigeration unit.