Prisoner of the Mind is a graphic novel by Allan Linder, sixteen years in the making.

The story is a neo-noir thriller set in the near future of New York, the unforgiving city. On the outside, buildings are taller, the sky is darker, and technology has advanced. Nevertheless, people are the same inside, hungry, greedy, and deceitful. 

A hardboiled agent with a perfect service record tries to commit suicide after investigating another agent's death.

Following Coles attempted suicide; he awakens in the psychiatric ward of a hospital with no recollection of the incident. His partner, Agent Reece has a theory of why he tried to kill himself that involves his friend Tommy and his past lover Jasmine, but he is still in denial. 

Through a series of forensic clues, and blackouts, Cole begins to assemble pieces of a puzzle. Following breadcrumbs he obtains classified intelligence from an informant, and he soon fears that staying alive will test his moral fiber and his friendships.

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