Join Supersass and her faithful BFF Captain Clawmuffin as they embark upon an extraordinary adventure filled with art, puppets, and intrigue! Their perfect day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is foiled when they discover that Alon the Evil Puppet Master has cast a spell on all the children of New York City. Now it's up to Supersass and Captain Clawmuffin to make things right! Written by Author Kelly Mac, illustrated by Allan Linder.

That is the premise for this children's book that Linder illustrated. It was mostly traditional colored pencil illustrations for this entire book because that was the look the author was going for. There is also a sequel coming sometime in 2024. 

It is a NY-based story so the author chose locations like Coney Island and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The images in this preview are mostly without words so you really can't get the whole story idea unless you buy the book.

Check back for the sequel coming someday soon.