Creating new work every day.

I have been experimenting with NFT's for more than a year now. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. Things have really been picking up lately since people can see the profits they can make from buying and flipping NFT's.

Being a professional visual artist my entire life, I find this very exciting. This is intersection of traditional and digital art is a new renaissance in the art world. Some traditional artists are still rejecting the idea of what NFT's are all about and unfortunately they will be like the people who thought the internet would never take off.

Intersection Night

Number 47

Acrylic paint on canvas, digital paint and animation.

Obviously technology has a lot to do with it, and some traditional artists don't have the savvy to do anything about it. Don't get me wrong, I have had plenty of traditional art gallery shows myself and I fully utilize my skill in both tech and art to make my art better.

But sometimes, better isn't enough. When you have teams of people creating generative art, it loses a little bit of what makes art personal and then it becomes all about money.

I think there is a fine line between these two worlds, and I think the line is shrinking.

I myself, have been working on several generative art projects after seeing these trends, but I am trying to keep the soul of the work alive in the art I create.

This is a new sketch for an upcoming project called SENSUOID.

I have had some great NFT sales so far, but everyday brings something new. New artists, new teams, new corporations, new tools, it is a full time job just to keep up with it all. I am personally focused on the work as I always have been. My goal is to make great art.

In one year I have created 12 art collections of my own work. That is basically one a month, but some of the artwork was created long before that. So, if you are new to this NFT world and you're interested in investing in art that has a past and a future, here is a list of some of my current collections available to buy now.

Monk is the son of an alchemist. On his birthday he sets off on a journey to find himself on the way to becoming a man. Along his odyssey, he encounters nightmares that challenge his strength. A high res version of the artwork is the unlockable content.

Grasspeople is a limited original collection of 100 hand drawn characters with unique stories, all 1/1 editions. None will ever be minted again.

Low $ETH floor price

100 Piece Collection first 14 minted.

1/1 Hand drawn

Kalulu is a special edition with .05eth starting price.

"Linder's impressive body of work just blew up with the release of his NFT's" ~ NFT Star

"Grasspeople is a full color dark fairy tale adventure like Zelda meets Lord of the Rings" ~ Super Robot Mayhem

"Everything you see is beautiful and alive" ~ Outside The Cube

"I stared at each page, soaking in every detail" ~ Amid The Imaginary

Ancient Alchemy, elucidates the symbolic origins of Medieval Subculture. The alchemists were mystics, artisans and sectarians adopting apocalyptic visions of the underground.

Low $ETH floor price

50 Piece Collection first 9 minted.

1/1 Hand drawn

The Unforgiving City, is a collection of hand painted artworks of city life. Each piece is scanned at a stunning 4k resolution and digitally painted, animated featuring an original music score. The unlockable content is a high resolution version of the artwork.

An NFT collection of only 100, 1/1 unique pieces of artwork only.

Low $ETH floor price

100 Piece Collection first 39 minted.

1/1 Hand drawn

Quantum Enigma is a large project ten years in the making including a graphic novel, short film with practical effects along with an NFT collection of only 100. Very rare. 1/1 unique pieces of artwork only.

Low $ETH floor price

100 Piece Collection first 16 minted.

1/1 Hand drawn

NONAGON: Nine sides of life, nine sides of our past, present and future meet in the world’s first Crypto-Noir story ever. A one of a kind series inspired by film noir and pulp fiction novels that explores the mystery of number 9, with 27 mixed media artworks. If you prefer still images, this one is for you.

.010 $ETH floor price

27 Piece Collection first 9 minted.

1/1 Hand drawn