"Icons", is a series of 31 paintings made in 2001.


As a dedicated collector of Allan Linder's thought-provoking paintings, I am honored to have been asked to write the foreword to his book. My perspective is as an Environmental Scientist and Professor of Biology. I have a love for art and a great appreciation for the unique talent Allan has to magically interweave art with the natural environment.

Allan Linder's 20th Century and Beyond is available on Amazon. This book chronicles the artist's life up to 2007.

Linder's paintings incorporate science, nature, technology, and artistry from atoms to the atmosphere, from the simple to complex, from evil to good, from happy to sad, from the mys­teries of the origins of the universe, and life to humankind's destruction of such.

My infatuation with Allan's work began in 2001 with an auction for one of his paintings entitled "Footprint of Man." This little treasure only 7 x 5 inches was in reality bigger than life. It is amazing that Linder was able to seamlessly integrate minute details into a. broader "picture" to tell an extensive story representing the potential beginning and possible end resulting from the impact (footprint) of man.

"The Footprint of Man" is one of the Icon series of works from Allan Linder circa 2001.

I was simply fascinated by the story Linder told, as well as the uncanny, realization that there was a real connection between his artistry and my life dedication to science, the environment, and technology: This fueled my desire for more work from Linder between his artistry and my life dedication to science, the environment, and technology: This fueled my desire for more work from Linder’s "Icon" series ·of 31 expressionism paintings, about life.

The imagery and symbolism captured in Allan's "America" series of 13 paintings dedicated to the memory of the victims of September 11, 2001, was heart-wrenching and at the same time soothing. Linder captures the very essence of his subjects and tells an entire story about it through his canvas. I found myself breathlessly caught up in the telling of the story through the luminescence of Allan's paintbrush and his craft.

"Ascending Doves" is one of the America series of works Linder created to benefit charity in 2001.

Linder's paintings have something for everyone! Enjoy them over and over and over again. Each time you view them you will be sure to discover something new "hidden images," that you had not previously seen or thought about. 

Allan Linder's description of his painting entitled "Contemplation" seems an appropriate thought to end on.

"Not enough time to read, not enough time to ponder self-existence, not enough time to think about the moon or the universe, without contemplation, what is our time for?

Take time to enjoy and contemplate Allan Linder's wonderful works of art, it will be time well spent!

Dr. Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer, PhD