Something from Nothing

The diptych painting titled "Something from Nothing" explores the concept of the creation of matter from empty space, inspired by the principles of quantum physics. The painting is divided into two panels, each depicting a different aspect of this idea.

The emergence of these particle-antiparticle pairs from the abyss of empty space is represented by bursts of color and energy, as new particles spring into existence. The painting uses a bold and dynamic color scheme to capture the energy and excitement of this moment, with flashes of bright colors representing the new particles.

Overall, the diptych is a meditation on the idea that something can come from nothing, and that even in the emptiest, most barren-seeming places, there is potential for creation and growth. The painting inspires viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and the ways in which even the smallest particles can have a profound impact on the world around us.

This artwork will be exhibited at


4141 NE 2nd Ave. Suite 105D, Miami, FL

Group Exhibition
March 1, through March 31, 2023

Opening Reception: To be announced

Something from Nothing l

6" x 6"


Acrylic paint, metallic ink on canvas.

Something from Nothing ll

6" x 6"


Acrylic paint, metallic ink on canvas.

A shot of the Diptych on the drawing board, ready for more layers.⁠

Here is a closer look at the two pieces together. Similar to most artists, Linder's color choices vary throughout the year based on his current passions and emotional state.

Another close-up of some of the colorful layers in this diptych which will be displayed in Miami next month.

This close-up of the second piece shows the detail of the process. It is a multilayered technique, when the painting is complete there will be many coats of different colors building up on each other.

In this close-up shot, you can see the metallic ink lit up on the canvas.

This is the Diptych together. Something From Nothing. The interpolated idea here comes from quantum physics. Collide two particles in the abyss of empty space, and sometimes additional particle-antiparticle pairs emerge.