The origin story of the Intelligenz NFT collection begins with a visionary artist named Obsessive Mimicry. Mr. Mimicry has always been fascinated by the idea of exploring the connection between the physical and spiritual realms and had spent years studying various spiritual practices and esoteric teachings from Zen to Hermetic philosophy.

One day, while meditating in his studio, Mr. Mimicry had a powerful vision of a group of beings that existed in a state of pure energy. These beings could take on human-like forms and interact with the physical world but were not bound by the physical body's limitations. Mr. Mimicry was captivated by this vision and knew that he had to find a way to express it in his art.

Over the next year, Obsessive Mimicry worked tirelessly to create a series of artworks that captured the essence of his vision. He experimented with different techniques and materials, trying to find the perfect way to convey the idea of energy transmuting into physical form.

Finally, after many long nights of work, Obsessive Mimicry completed the Intelligenz NFT collection. Each of the 100 artworks features a humanoid face that was both physical and energetic, with vibrant colors and textures that reflected the flow of universal energy. Mr. Mimicry used his artistic skill to capture the essence of the beings from his vision and brought them to life in a way that could be shared with the world.

The Intelligenz NFT collection quickly gained a following, with art collectors and spiritual seekers alike drawn to the captivating images. Many people reported feeling a sense of connection to the energy of the artworks, and some even claimed to have had profound spiritual experiences while viewing them.

For Obsessive Mimicry, the Intelligenz NFT collection is a labor of love, a way to express his deepest beliefs and share them with the world. And as the collection continued to inspire and captivate people around the globe, Obsessive Mimicry knew that his vision had truly become something special.

The Collection is live and minting on Foundation now

"The winner of the NFT Design Award, Linder’s work shows promise after a successful 25-year run in the traditional art world." ~


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