Contemporary Art Fair in Lisbon

ARCOlisboa 2023 will, once again, turn the Portuguese capital into a meeting place for collectors, gallery owners, artists, and professionals from all over the world. In its sixth edition, from 25th to 28th May, the Cordoaria Nacional will host the artistic content of the galleries selected by the Organizing Committee and the curatorial teams of the different sections.

The main focus of the Fair, the General Program, will be made up of national and international galleries whose artistic proposals will confirm their commitment to quality content. In addition, ARCOlisboa is also strengthening the two curated sections: Africa in Focus, curated by Paula Nascimento, which will include the participation of galleries from the African continent. On the other hand, Opening Lisboa, curated by Chus Martínez and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, is a section that will investigate new artistic languages and spaces in order to bring new content and research to the fair.

ARCOlisboa 2023 will open its doors on 25th May, dedicating this first day to the professionals. Access for the general public will be from 26th to 28th May.

Once again, Linder's work will be on display along with a copy of a new book of artist interviews and featured paintings for collectors. The work being shown is from the Eternal Energy Series created last year.

Eternal Energy

(The collection)

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that ever existed always exists, it's moving into form, through form, and out of form.



Digital paint, fractal design, acrylic paint

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In a world where lying about anything is normal, the absolute truth looks very strange. In the future truth becomes normal and the true essence of each of us is on display.

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The sold-out book will also be available during the Art Fair