Contemporary Art Book Fair in Barcelona, Spain
Date: June 9 - June 11
Espai Fossat del Mercat de Sant Antoni, Carrer de Manso, 154

ArtsLibris is one of the most important international artist's book fairs in the world whose objective is the dissemination and commercialization of artist's books, photobooks, and contemporary editions. It is a meeting space between publishers and authors, and a platform for international projection, where the public can purchase publications. In addition to being a fair, it is a publishing label that publishes the AL series and a debate forum that promotes reflection on editorial practice and art.

ArtsLibris has managed to break away from the traditional Anglo-Saxon model used in most artist book fairs, with predominantly English-language publications. This fair is based on diversity and focuses on southern Europe and Latin America.

The 2023 edition of ArtsLibris

ArtsLibris Barcelona celebrates its 14th edition, and it will do so for the third time at the Espai Fossat del Mercat de Sant Antoni. The fair will have a hundred publishers and an ambitious cultural proposal made up of talks, debates, and workshops around artist publications.

Once again, Linder's work will be on display in copies of his new book of artist interviews and featured paintings for collectors. The work being shown is from the Eternal Energy Series created last year.

Eternal Energy

(The collection)

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that ever existed always exists, it's moving into form, through form, and out of form.



Digital paint, fractal design, acrylic paint

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In a world where lying about anything is normal, the absolute truth looks very strange. In the future truth becomes normal and the true essence of each of us is on display.

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The sold-out book will be available during the Art Book Fair