BREATHE is a stunning and thought-provoking animated artwork by Allan Linder and Ed Hanna. As the title suggests, the piece is centered around the theme of breath and its significance in our lives. The groundbreaking animation features a series of faces morphing into each other, representing the diversity of humanity and the interconnectedness of our experiences.

This artwork is part of an interactive exhibition, titled VIRAL HUMAN a public art and metaverse in the first virtual exhibition on the island of Venice.

This work will be displayed from June 25, through July 16, 2023. Visit MIRNARTE for more information.

It was during the night of 25 June 1575 that the first contagion of the plague occurred in Venice. The night, placing itself halfway between the finished day and the tomorrow that will come, transforms itself into a moment of transition, a metaphor for long inner journeys. Viral Human is an art installation that exploits immersive reality in order to develop a visit itinerary and a hybrid exhibition space, halfway between the physical and the virtual.

In this interactive exhibition, You can download the app for geolocation of all of the displays in Venice Italy exhibiting work from multiple international artists. Thanks to the help of 3D audio technologies, the visitor enters the narrative technique of the monologue by focusing on language, sound, and listening while triggering multidimensional artistic experiences and new interpretations of reality.

Below is Linder's entry into the Viral Human world. If you can't make it to the exhibition, do check out the short experimental video below.