Expressive Rhythms

The world of art is an ever-evolving landscape, where creativity knows no bounds. In the realm of innovative collaborations, the MUZE collection stands out as a groundbreaking fusion of visual artistry and functional design. Spearheaded by the internationally acclaimed artist Allan Linder in collaboration with Art in Rug, the MUZE collection represents a convergence of beauty and functionality in the form of custom-made, one-of-a-kind art rugs.

Celebrating Feminine Allure Through Abstract Expressionism

"Muze: A Kaleidoscope of Beauty," the series by Allan Linder encapsulates the essence of female beauty using abstract expressionism as its medium. Each painting within the collection is a vibrant celebration of the diverse forms of feminine allure. Linder’s masterful strokes, splashed paint, and graffiti-inspired brushwork converge to create a mesmerizing and vivacious visual experience. The collection is a testament to Linder’s skill in capturing the essence of beauty through a kaleidoscope of colors, evoking a sense of wonder and awe in every stroke.

Expressive Rhythms

A Unique Collaboration: Art in Rug

What sets the MUZE collection apart is its metamorphosis from traditional canvases to unique art rugs. This transformation is made possible through the collaboration with Art in Rug. Art in Rug is a company renowned for its expertise in creating custom-made, one-of-a-kind art rugs that serve as visually stunning pieces and practical, functional elements within living spaces.

The fusion of Linder's captivating artwork with the innovative approach of Art in Rug results in the creation of rugs that bring art to life in a whole new dimension. Each rug in the collection is a testament to the seamless integration of artistic expression and practical design, offering a unique opportunity to bring art off the walls and into our daily lives.

Bridging Art and Interior Design

The MUZE collection celebrates artistic beauty and serves as a bridge between art and interior design. These art rugs offer a distinct opportunity to infuse spaces with an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Each rug becomes a statement piece, transforming the ambiance of any room with its vibrant colors and the compelling narrative of Linder's art.

Embracing Creativity and Functionality

This collaboration between Allan Linder and Art in Rug exemplifies the endless possibilities when creativity converges with functionality. The MUZE collection goes beyond the traditional confines of art, breaking barriers and creating a new canvas for artistic expression in our daily lives.

The fusion of Linder’s abstract expressionism with the functionality of art rugs showcases the power of innovation and the unending potential of artistic collaboration. This unique partnership invites art enthusiasts and design aficionados to embrace creativity as an aesthetic element and an integral part of their everyday surroundings.


12" x 12"


Digital painting, dynamic mixed media collage, giclĂ©e print on canvas

The MUZE collection is a testament to the boundless nature of art and its ability to transcend traditional boundaries, captivating our imaginations and enhancing our living spaces. Allan Linder and Art in Rug have given us a new perspective, proving that art is not confined to a canvas but can seamlessly integrate into the fabric of our lives.

This groundbreaking collaboration is a true reflection of the creative spirit, pushing the boundaries of art and design, and inviting us to witness the harmonious convergence of artistic beauty and functional design in its most innovative form.