Collaborations between artists and creative industries continue to push the boundaries of innovation. One such groundbreaking partnership has emerged, bringing together the avant-garde vision of contemporary artist Linder and the timeless craftsmanship of a distinguished rug company. The result? The mesmerizing MUZE collection is a fusion of fine art and functional design that seamlessly blends color, emotion, and urban flair.

INKS AND HUES is one of the Muze collection.

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The collaboration between Linder and Art in Rug Company began as a meeting of minds, a shared vision to bring the energy and dynamism of Linder's art into the realm of functional design. Art in Rug recognized the potential to translate Linder's striking visuals into a tangible and versatile form – rugs that would not merely adorn spaces but serve as art pieces in their own right.

Linder, known for her bold and dynamic approach to art, has captivated audiences with his MUZE collection. The canvas becomes a playground for radiant reds, passionate pinks, electric blues, and sunshine yellows, creating a symphony of hues that resonates with a visual vibrancy. Each stroke of Linder's brush is a testament to his expert manipulation of the palette, intensifying the emotions embedded in every painting and immersing the viewer in a visually stunning journey.

The transition from canvas to rug required meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to preserving the essence of Linder's vision. The rug company's skilled artisans worked hand-in-hand with the artist, ensuring that every nuance, every brushstroke, and every graffiti element was faithfully reproduced. The result is a collection of rugs that encapsulates the spirit of the MUZE series while seamlessly integrating into a variety of interiors.

The MUZE rug collection invites individuals to step into a world where art and design coalesce, where the boundaries between form and function blur. The rugs not only serve as functional pieces but also as artistic expressions that breathe life and personality into any space. The radiant colors and dynamic patterns echo the emotional depth of Linder's paintings, creating a symphony for the senses in the form of a rug.

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