Ancient Alchemy


Ancient Alchemy, elucidates the symbolic origins of Medieval Subculture. The alchemists were mystics, artisans and sectarians adopting apocalyptic visions of the underground.

This is a work in progress, it will be updated frequently until launch. Come back and check it out! NFT's will drop in November.



6 x 4 in.


Acrylic paint, metallic ink on canvas, digital paint, animation, original music score.

Linder combines his real world artwork with digital compositions that fuse texture from painting on canvas with motion animation, digital paint and an original music score with each 30 second piece of artwork. 

His NFT work has been described as "Living Paintings".

"Linder's impressive body of work just blew up with the release of his NFT's" ~ NFT Star

His work contains an inventory of more than 1000 paintings, thousands of drawings, pen and ink illustrations, digital art, sculpture, leatherwork, animatronics, film and more from 1979 to present.

"Collect while you can, this guy’s work is going straight up!" ~ NFT All Star