Rochester Contemporary Art Center

137 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604
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6x6 International Exhibition

Gallery Open for Purchasing In-house: June 7 - July 23, 2023
HOURS: Wednesday - Sunday 12-5pm / Friday 12-9pm

Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) is a venue for the exchange of ideas and a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) that was founded in 1977.

 As a center for thoughtful contemporary art, RoCo provides unique encounters for audiences and extraordinary opportunities for artists.

Every artwork purchase supports our future exhibitions & public art.

Each summer Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s (RoCo) 6x6 exhibition brings together thousands of original artworks, made and donated by celebrities, international & local artists.

Get ready to witness the explosive IMPACT Series by the incredibly talented Linder, who's back for the third time at the 6x6 show. These abstract paintings are a reflection of our human footprint on the environment, a bold and colorful depiction of the aura we leave behind in the midst of our own pollution activity. Linder's paintings showcase the environmental impact of each and every one of us, immersing you in a world of vibrant abstraction that demands to be seen. Don't miss the chance to experience this powerful and thought-provoking collection firsthand.


This series of original paintings explores the environmental reach of each person on this planet.

The impact of a single human being on the environment, with respect to water and pollution, can vary significantly depending on factors such as lifestyle, location, and consumption habits. However, on average, an individual's daily activities can contribute to the depletion of natural resources, water pollution, and the release of greenhouse gases, all of which can have negative impacts on the environment and the health of living beings. Therefore, it is important for individuals to adopt environmentally friendly habits and practices to reduce their impact on the environment.